Sunday, December 9, 2012

October Happenings

I officially STINK at keeping up with this blog. Life is busy, as usual. Here's a quick rundown of October. 

The girls got some cute shirts from Mimi -- B was pretty obsessed with "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" song (and still is...we have to sing that and "Rock-a-bye Baby" every night before bed) she had fun singing that song and doing the motions while wearing her spider shirt.
Happy girl

Angry girl

Happy Girl

Trying to be an angry girl :)

M has a little "tree" in her room that we use as a dress up clothes storage area.  Her favorite place to hide when she's mad is in the corner back behind the "tree".  She introduced B to her little hidey-hole -- they thought they were pretty cool hiding from mommy :)

We went to SDC one day.  The weather was so weird -- freezing cold at the beginning and then warm and sweaty by the end!

Is it just me, or does M look like a 10 year old?! She has totally grown up on us in the last month.

My daughter, at age 4 (almost 5), posing with her parasol from SDC. Purchased by my mother.  I started asking my mother for one of these when I was 4. I have yet to receive one. M asked for a few months and she gets one.  Can you tell who rates higher here?! :)

Both girls wearing M's "Wild Thing" birthday outfit.  Sweet B is a bit taller than M was at this age...all of the pants M wore are too short for B!

Cute Cheetah for Halloween

B is for Bumblebee

It pays to be cute and in the right place at the right time.  B scored this big bunch of balloons at daddy's Halloween party at work.  She thought she was pretty big stuff!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lovebug Stitches Silent Auction Items

Over at Lovebug Stitches, we are auctioning off a couple of items to benefit Julee and Preslee Turner.  

Go check out the ADORABLE "Happy Everything" Kitchen Towel Set or the CUTE Glamorous Bag!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Middle of October Already?!

Sheesh -- I can't believe it's already mid-October! I have a feeling I'm going to blink and it's going to be January! To say life has been busy would be an understatement...and it's gearing up to be a crazy busy fall/winter! 

I have 3 big events coming up for my Paparazzi Accessories business, plus Lovebug Stitches orders, plus dance two days a week, plus school two days a week, all while trying to spend time with my family! 

Make sure to check out Lovebug Stitches next week....we'll be participating in a blog auction for Julee and Preslee Turner, who lost their husband/daddy in a car accident over the weekend.

These are some pictures from the last few weeks...

This is their personalities to a "T" -- little B, the mischievous one, M the responsible and obedient (most of the time!) one!

B has discovered pockets recently -- if there's a pocket on any article of clothing, she makes sure to stick her hands in them. :) She picked her own shoes out in this outfit :)

Trying for a sweet sister picture....

Hipster B

Miss B started dance a few weeks ago...that term "dance" is used very loosely...she's a dancing fool at home, but once she steps foot in her class, she just stands there and stares at the teacher or the other little girl in her class.  She finally started participating this week...hopefully it continues! :)

She was SO excited the first week!!!

Little buddies B and A...they had dinner together at this little table a few weeks ago :) And yes, that's a massage thingy on the back of the table...Brynlee was obsessed with it for a while and she would never leave it put away!

And this, my friends, is the look I got when I told the girls "smile really big for mommy"....

Friday, August 24, 2012


And with this post, I'm now caught up (see below this post for June and July)! August has been pretty low-key. School started for M (Pre-Kindergarten 2 days a week) last week, so B and I are enjoying a couple of days just the two of us each week. Makenna LOVES school. I am NOT loving waking up crazy early to get to her to school, but am thankful it's only two days a week this year! Next year with 5 days a week will be brutal!

This fall is shaping up to be busy -- 3 events scheduled so far for my Paparazzi Accessories business, with 2 other events being looked at the enter as a vendor, too.

And our Lovebug Stitches business has been quite busy this summer, too! Lots of sweet baby items were ordered -- go check them all out!

She'd just learned to shrug her shoulders...she cracks us up all the time!

Trying to stay cool...

The girls cleaned the living room and Brynlee's room a couple of weeks ago. They wanted us to come in to see their work -- this is where all of Brynlee's stuff her bed!

Just chilling with her robe and slippers :)

Giving kitty a bath. Makenna has been dying to go to Build-A-Bear for over a year (maybe longer...I kind of learned to tune her begging out while we were at the mall!). She got a surprise trip there 2 days before school started!

Filling Hello Kitty up with stuffing

SO excited!!!

Cheese! We went to the local jump place the day before M started school. She's been asking all summer to go, and specifically to go with daddy. He took the week off of work, so we surprised her by going! We were ALL in need of naps when we got home that day!

This miss priss LOVED playing, too! She had a smile the whole time (well, except that one time that I took her up on a big slide and made her go down it...then she was pretty much terrified!)


Climbing up the biiiiig wall!

She LOVES her teacher!!!! She only goes on Tuesday/Thursdays, and she's already told me a couple of times that she wishes she could go everyday. So glad she loves school!

Makenna with Hello Kitty and Bunny

She's ready! and SO excited!!

Brynlee kept inching her way into the picture :)

Walking in from the'd she get so old?! :)


While June was our busy travel month, July was still just as "busy" but we didn't really go many places...other than to Mimi's house and swim lessons each week.

The "splash pad" at Mimi's house -- the girls had a GREAT time playing in this!!!

Brynlee got her toes painted for the first time -- hard to see, but it's a sparkly silver polish. She was SO proud and would point her toes/foot out to show anyone who would look!

Fourth (errr, 7th) of July -- ready to go to Mimi and Papa's to go to the fireworks!

I just wanted a picture with my girls on my can tell how well that went over.

Brynlee is now OBSESSED with babies. "Beebees" as she calls them.

Makenna's best bud Ashlyn got her hair cut off a couple of months ago -- Makenna decided (after wanting to be Rapunzel for a year, and never wanting to cut her hair EVER) that she wanted to cut her hair off. It hurt my momma heart to see her long hair fact, I made her wait a couple of days just to make sure she really wanted it. Since, you know, you can't really get the hair back once you make the first cut! But, she was insistent, so we finally did it. And she and I both loved it immediately! She looks so much older, it doesn't get near as tangled, and it just looks healthier.

Look at all of that hair!


Sweet girl started her face injuries younger than big sis did....Brynlee took a tumble while at the splash pad one day and cut and bruised up her face pretty good. Since this time, she's fallen a couple more times and scratched her face up. What is it with our girls and hitting their faces?! Thankfully, no stitches have been needed yet for B!


Sweet girl and her piggie tails

These girls crack me up. As does this picture!

Brynlee graduated from her high chair -- she's now in a booster seat with us at the table. She thinks she's hot stuff now! This was B's first time to play with play-dough.

This picture pretty much sums up this stinker! :)

A girl, her beloved bunny, and Abby Kate :)